How I survived opponent’s attack

Yesterday I played the first oficial game of 2014 year. As usual it was a game for my team. Team competitions here in Prague, Czech Republic start in January and we play one game per week for next 11 weeks. Of course, we can play for more teams (in our club or as hosts in another club), so the active ones may play up to three games per week. I do not have so much time, so I play 1-2 games per week.

This year I am a captain of our B-team. Our league is quite strong and according to our average rating we should play in the second half of the table. Happily chess is not about ratings but about playing on the board where everything is possible.

Yesterday we played against one of weaker teams in our league. So our goal was clear – only the win counts! We managed it! We won the match 5:3 and I added the full point to our bag.

I played with black pieces. I am not sure about the opening stage, especially about my 8th move. I thought about other alternatives like 8…. Nf6, 8…. Nb6 or 8…. e6. I decided to exchange the knights and try to play in the Grunfeld Indian style – using pair of bishops and fight with white’s center.

I spent a lot of time when I was defending my position and I had 5 minutes for last 20 moves before the time control (we have 100 minutes for 40 moves and then 30 minutes for the rest of the game).

My opponent also spent a lot of time and both of us where in time pressure soon. The tragedy for white happened in the last move before the time control. For in the 40th move and lost of a rook. White immediately resigned. But his position was lost anyway and I am sure I would win the game after the time control.

I am happy I managed to defend my position – white threats seemed me to be quite strong between moves 15 – 20. And the rest was a mather of technique as classic would say :)

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