If you sacrificed a bishop, then I sacrifice a rook! The exciting Sicilian Defense!

I am a member of three line-ups our club’s teams. So theoretically I can play three games per week. The last week I played for two teams only – which is my optimum, I would say. I wrote about the first game here, so today I would like to focus on the game No.2.

I had black pieces and we played the Sicilian Defense. The Najdorf variant, English attach appeared on the board. And as you can imagine, the game started to be pretty wild soon.

I know the best square for b8 knight is on d7, but in this game I felt irritated by white knight on d4, so I tried to exchange it in the move 11. But as I saw soon, white placed another knight on d4 square. So I did not do good thing to help my position.

There were two critical moments in the game.

The first one became in the move 17. White decided to sacrifice his bishop on e6 square. I felt the position was demanding some kind of sacrifice. White needed to destroy the pawn shield around black knight and it was one of possibilities. I decided to accept the sacrifice as I did not see any direct attack nor mate. I also felt that my (black) position was strong enough to go to counter-attack within a few moves. The idea of counter-attack was connected with taking f3 and e4 pawns as you can see in the game.

The second critical moment happened in my move No. 23 – see the diagram.

Exciting Sicilian defense

Black to move

I had 12 minutes for next 18 moves before the time control, but I decided to sacrifice one of my rooks.  Counter-attack with full force! It went to material advantage at worst case for me. But I was lucky. My opponent did not resist the attack and went into a mate position.

I must say I really like this game! It was the RIGHT Sicilian Defense game. With attacks, sacrifices, king in the center… and the best thing is that I won this game :) Definitely, this game belongs to the „collection of my immortal games“.

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4 Responses to “If you sacrificed a bishop, then I sacrifice a rook! The exciting Sicilian Defense!”

  1. sharfudeen says:

    friend, what is ur ELO and peak ranking?

  2. sharfudeen says:

    wishes to get more Elo in 2014

  3. petrs says:

    sharfudeen: My rating is 1857 now. And it is also my peak rating.

  4. petrs says:

    Thank you! The same for you!

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