Chess Tactic #88

White to move. How would you proceed in this position?

Chess Tactic

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3 Responses to “Chess Tactic #88”

  1. logis says:

    1. Bf4 Qxg1 2. Nb6+ axb6 3. Qxc6+ bxc6 4. Ba6#

  2. Vaughn says:

    1. e7 N x e7
    2. N x e7+ B x e7
    3. Be6+ Kb8
    4. Bf4+ Bd6
    5. Bxh2

  3. John Wrench says:


    I had had similar positions against a Caro Kann where the Queen takes on c6….. so I think it is..

    1. Bf4 QxN
    2. Nb6+ axb6
    3. Qxc6+ bxc6
    4. Ba6++

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