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Hi everybody

This is my 1st post here and I would like to show you one of my game. The game ended in a draw but the course was interesting.

We played Reti opening. In the eighth move, I had to play c4 but I played e3 with planing d4 then. In the 10th move my opponent  played Qc8  and I asked myself: “What is it?” I thought and then I played Qe1 (he to left  me to right :D). After in the game is played on few common moves: changing my light-squared bishop I have built and strengthened knight on e5. Throw same  material.

Then came the moment when my opponent played Nd5 and offered a draw. In chesswatch he had  20 minutes, I had 10. I thought about the position about the team and I had only 5 minutes. I’m going to do what I really did  play or not to play? I had only 3 minutes, 2 and  half and I decided to play along with 2.5 minutes to 20 so I played Kf3.

We played about 3, 4 strokes and  I lost a pawn. But the nerves of my opponent were on the move and he played b5. I gladly replied with Bc5. But time takes its toll further Rxf8 with winning (Rc8) I took the f8 with bishop where I get just a better position with the prospect of 20 turn ending on bonus  10 sec. Time he took his one more time I did not flinch when the bishop was on  e5 were I probably won.

My lessons for the future: I’m sure I have more time


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