Chess Ending #4

White has two pawns down, but the win is not easy. Or is it? White to move.

chess ending

[FEN “8/8/P7/8/3K4/r7/P2R4/k7 w – – 0 1”]

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4 Responses to “Chess Ending #4”

  1. bretislav says:

    1.Kc4 Rxa6
    2.a4 Rxa4+
    4.Rd1 mate.

  2. chuck says:

    First the king setup a mating attack tactic 1.Kc4 Rxa6 2.a4 {if Rxa4 then Kb3 mate follows}Ra7 or Ra8 follows by 3.Kb3 then it easy from there.

  3. Jeff Ackerman says:

    Thanks, but I don’t get it. After 3.Kb3, doesn’t 3…Rb4+ force a draw?

  4. Jeff,
    After 4.Kxb4, don’t you think being a R up is enough to win? How’s that a draw??

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