Do you play different openings in blitz games in comparision with classical games?

chess playersThe last week I played the tournament in rapid (active) chess and this question appeared in my head. Having less time than in usual game can allow to play something unusual, side lines. Maybe even suspected lines. I think, it could be an interesting question for many chess players. So what is my answer and answers of a few my friends?

I mostly play the lines I know well. Sometimes I try to play something a bit optimistic and funny, some (let’s call it) gambit lines which promise exciting game and tactical battle. But usually I play schemes, which I know and where I know the plans very well. Or, better said, I think I know them at least :)

Somethimes I take rapid games as something to learn and I choose new lines, which I would like to play in the future. They are kind of training games for me. If my understanding of arising positions and plans is good, then I use those lines in my classical opening repertoire.

I have to say I do not take rapid games too much seriously. Of course, I always want to win! On the other hand – having 15 minutes per game do not allow to „create“ chess diamonds in terms of quality and art. At least from my perspective.

And what are the answers of my Twitter chess friends to the question above?

Steve (@SteveJthorn): Perhaps 20% of the time, yes. If I deviate from lines I’m comfortable with, I usually lose quite badly. :-)

@portisdos: No, i play the sames. Blitz is like a training for me. I try to learn sidelines abot opening i,ve been playing.

Mark (@SnatchMark) No I typically rely on the same openings in all situations. Obviously this changes depending on what black defends with though.

What about you? Which lines do you prefer to play in blitz/rapid games? Those ones you know well or do you try something new or unsual for you?

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