Saint Louis Chess Club Announces 2020 Tournament Calendar

The Saint Louis Chess Club 2020 tournament calendar will include national, international, and local tournament opportunities for spectators and chess players alike. Below, you will find a table of invitational tournament dates for the upcoming year.

2020 Tournament Calendar

Second Annual Cairns Cup

February 6 – February 17

Spring Chess Classic

March 17 –  March 27

U.S. & U.S. Women’s Chess Championships

April 7 – April 24

Saint Louis Norm Congress

May 14 – May 19

Summer Chess Classic

June 8 – June 19

U.S. Junior, Girls & Senior Chess Championships

July 8 –  July 20

Fall Chess Classic

September 23 – October 3

Saint Louis Invitational

October 15 – October 20

Winter Chess Classic

November 16 – November 26

The Chess Club will host its usual bout of major tournaments in 2020 along with weekly classes, lectures and open tournaments. There will be a rotating schedule of Grandmasters in Residence each month along with scholastic tournaments and Scouts BSA Chess Merit Badge events that are also scheduled throughout the year. For more information, please visit the events calendar on or call the Chess Club directly at (314) 361 – 2437.

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