Hi, my name is Petr Slavik and I am happy to welcome you to this blog!

The blog is dedicated to the best board games – chess!

I started to play chess at age of 6, when my Grandfather taught me the rules. At age of 13 I started to play in a local chess club, but without any significant successes. I stopped to play during my adolescence and I have returned back to chess a few years ago. Since that time I play regularly tournaments all the year in our local club, team tournaments and chess on the internet.

My highest ELO rating was 1758 (autumn 2008). Now I have the rating 1735.

My biggest successes were several 1st places in club tournaments and also 15th place at European Amateur Championship in rapid chess in 2006.

Although I don’t like ELO rating as the absolutely objective measure of the current strength, I have to admit it is the best tool how to express one’s chess strength. And also my goal as a chess player is connected with ELO rating. I would like to reach the rating 2000 in the future (now you have a clue about the idea of the name of this blog).

There are many chess players of my strength around the world who know they will not become chess professionals but who would like to increase their chess capabilities. Just like me. And this blog is exactly for them. I don’t want to spend much time on games of grandmasters, but I would like to focus on games, tips, tricks and problems of the average club players.

I hope you will enjoy this blog and become its loyal readers. I would be happy if you would add this blog to your RSS reader here.

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