Karpov’s Positional Style Chess Course Has Been Released

Anatoly Karpov is the 12th World Chess Champion and his style can help you to play better positional chess. The new course contains a lot of useful topics like: the battle against the opponent’s activity, how to prepare your plan, how to use your king, interesting endgames, etc.

Karpov's Positional Style - chess course

Similarly, in the practical part, you can see a lot of useful topics like how to create weaknesses, how to use opponent’s weaknesses and you can test yourself in many different exercises.

Here is the new course and you can get a massive 40% discount till April 1st.

Find more details about this course on https://bit.ly/KarpovsPositionalStyle/. If you want the discount use the code “karpov40”.


New Release – Playing The Grünfeld

Playing The GrünfeldThe Grünfeld Defence is well known to be one of Black’s best and most challenging responses to 1.d4, and has long been a favourite choice of elite players including Kasparov, Svidler, Caruana, Vachier-Lagrave and many more.

As with many openings, however, it can be difficult to navigate the ever-expanding jungle of games and theory.

Playing the Grünfeld offers an ideal solution for practical players.

Alexey Kovalchuk is a young Russian talent with expert knowledge of the Grünfeld, and in this book he shares his best ideas to form a complete, coherent and combative repertoire for Black.

In addition to theoretical soundness, efforts have been made to avoid variations leading to early forced draws, as well as those in which Black allows his king to be attacked at an early stage.

Check the ebook with 504 pages about this attractive opening here.

How Do I Get Fritz To Stop Talking?

Fritz 16Fritz is probably the most popular program to play chess on a computer. And it is great! I have used in for many many years. And I still do.

But I remember, there is one thing which really annoy me everytime I install the new version.

Yes. Fritz talks during games. And I have to admit I hate its “funny” phrases.

And I am not alone. Many my chess friends have the same problem. So here is the short recipe how to enjoy the silence during your games with Fritz.

Open your Fritz. Go to “Options”, then “Multimedia”. Here you will see three separate radio buttons for three levels of verbal audio: “Talk”, “Announce moves”, and “Off”. Select “Off”, and then click “OK”.