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Chess Ending #4

White has two pawns down, but the win is not easy. Or is it? White to move. [FEN "8/8/P7/8/3K4/r7/P2R4/k7 w - - 0 1"]

Chess Ending #3

White to move and win. Are you capable to find the right way to the whole point? It is not easy, isn’t it?

Chess ending #2

Would you know how to win this position as white? Of course, white to move.

Chess ending #1

I am just starting new serial of chess puzzles to solve on this site. Yes, you are right – it will be dedicated to chess endings. And let’s jump into them right now! White to move in the position on the diagram. How would you proceed to win the game?

Chess endings: Rook Versus Pawns

Last week I posted an article about chess endings rook versus a pawn. In this post we are going to focus on endings where the weaker side has more than one pawn – usually two or three. There is a general rule for this type of ending… The rule is there is no rule and [...]

Will You Win This Easy End Game?

Today I have something easy for you :) White should win this end game very easily. Will you find the right way?

Won or drawish end game?

Black to move. Is this end game won or a draw? Prove it! ;)

Pawn Ending Decision

Here we have a pawn ending where white should make his move. Do you think that 1.h4 is a good option? Why yes? Why not?

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