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World Chess Championship Match: First game, first blood: Vishy Anand – Veselin Topalov 0:1

Yesterday it was the day D. The long-time awaited match between the current world champion Vishy Anand and his challenger Veselin Topalov started in Sofia, Bulgaria. The first game was very attractive. Topalov sacrified a pawn for initiative. And later even knight. It seems that Anand’s first own move (out of his home prepration) was [...]

Judit Polgar won match against David Navara with the final score 6:2

The best women chess player of the world Judit Polgar (2682) knocked down the best Czech chess player David Navara (2708) in their rapid chess match with outstanding score 6:2. The match was decided after the day 2, when the score was 4,5:1,5. The match was held in Prague (see the article Polgar – Navara [...]

Polgar – Navara match begins in Prague today

The most famous and the world’s best female chessplayer Judit Polgar is coming to Prague at the end of April to play a match with the best Czech chess player David Navara and also to play simul against businessmen, artists and sportsmen. Judit Polgar has been for over ten years by far the strongest player [...]

FIDE World Chess Championship postponed 1 day

According the FIDE site the match between Vishy Anand and Veselin Topalov will start on Saturday (instead of Friday). Here is the official message: “In accordance with chapter 7.4 of the match regulations as well as article 2.4 of the 2010 World Chess Championship Agreement, the 1st game of the match will be postponed by [...]

Anand – Topalov match should start on Friday (no postponement)

As I wrote two days ago in the post Will the World Championship Match Anand-Topalov be Delayed over Volcanic Cloud?,  Wishy Anand had problems to get in Sofia, Bulgaria (where the match will be held) in time and he asked for 3 days postponement of the beginning of the match. It was expected that the [...]

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