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Do you play different openings in blitz games in comparision with classical games?

The last week I played the tournament in rapid (active) chess and this question appeared in my head. Having less time than in usual game can allow to play something unusual, side lines. Maybe even suspected lines. I think, it could be an interesting question for many chess players. So what is my answer and [...]

How To Build Your Opening Repertoire Database With ChessBase 12

Many chess players use computers and programs to become a better players. To play games, to practice and also to learn. Computers are also big helpers in case of building an opening repertoire. In the past chess players had to spend tens of hours studying books to find and learn important lines of new opening [...]

Short Introduction to The Slav Defense – Exchange Variation

The Slav Defense is one of the most popular openings these days. Its theory is very deep and well developed. There are many lines that one must know to avoid failing in traps or sharp tactical battles. So if you are 1.d4 player and you don’t want to compete with your opponent in knowledge of [...]

Queen’s Gambit Accepted – the Furman Variation (part 4)

Do you train the Furman variant of Queen’s Gambit Accepted based on our serial? We believe we introduced you nice and interesting variant and we broaded your opening repertoire. Today it is time for another part of the serie. We are going to look at the line 8…. b5. Are you ready?

Queen’s Gambit Accepted – the Furman Variation (part 3)

The serial of posts about the Furman variant of Queen’s Gambit Accepted reaches its half today. A few days ago you had a chance to study the first two parts (part 1, part 2) and today we will jump into the most complex tree of variants so far. Are you ready?!

Queen’s Gambit Accepted – the Furman Variation (part 2)

My Dannish friend Bent has prepared a great series of posts on the Furman variant of Queen’s Gambit Accepted. The first part of these 6 pieces to your openning mosaic was published a few days ago and today we are here with the second part. I will not keep you long here and let’s start [...]

Queen’s gambit accepted – the Furman variation (part 1)

The subject of this block is the so-called Furman variation in the Queen´s gambit accepted. A bit of history of the opening: This variation takes its name from the well-known Russian theroretocian and grandmaster Semen Furman, who played numerous games with it in the 1950′s and 1960′s. During the eighties Furman had few comrades in [...]

Max Lange Gambit

I have shown you the opening move for my “Hansen” gambit and now I would like to use a litte time on other possible move, which is good to know if you at some point like to try out this line. The most interesting line I think, and at some point very important to know, [...]

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