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If you sacrificed a bishop, then I sacrifice a rook! The exciting Sicilian Defense!

I am a member of three line-ups our club’s teams. So theoretically I can play three games per week. The last week I played for two teams only – which is my optimum, I would say. I wrote about the first game here, so today I would like to focus on the game No.2. I [...]

Sample of ultra-dynamic play by Mikhail Tal

The eighth world champion Mikhail Tal and his games are very inspirational for many players. If you want to study more tactic and get feeling for ultra-dynamic positions and intuitive sacrifices I would highly recommend to study his games. Tal’s sacrifices were not always correct, but they created mesh on the board and Tal was [...]

XIX La Pobla de Lillet – results

A few days ago (actually it was the second post on this blog) I reffered to the chess tournamtent in Spanish city La Pobla de Lillet. The tournament has passed and it is time to publish its winners and congratulate them. 7.5 of 9. This is the score which was needed to take (or better [...]

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