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Invitation to GM Vladimir Petrov Memorial

Latvian Chess Federation and GM Alexei Shirov have a pleasure to invite all chess friends to the GM Vladimir Petrov memorial. The memorial will contain several rapid and blitz events. The main tournament (A) will consist of preliminary tournament and final. The final will take place on February 18-19. Four supergrandmasters are invited and approved [...] Chess Tournament No.1 – Report #1

First chess tournament started on Facebooka few weeks ago (at beginning of December, 2010). I promised to give you information about its course. So, let’s start! Until today there have been played about 80% of all games. The current standings is here: 1. Petr Slavik (Czech Republic) – 6.5 points of 7 finished games, [...]

First Tournament Has Started!

If you have read this blog for some time, you may know that I play chess on Facebook as well. To be concrete I used the application called My Chess on Facebook. A few days ago I decided to start a chess tournament named according this blog. And this was how the first tournament [...]

Xmas blitz tournament

Last Sunday my chess club organized Xmas blitz tournament and I thought it was a good idea to close my chess year by attending this event. The time limit was 2×10 moves, 11 round. There were 52 players attending the tournament and my starting rank was 31. It was more or less funny tournament for [...]

IECG Cup 2009 started and I participate!

Last week started IECG Cup 2009. I take a part in this event as each year. Together with another almost 600 players! The Cup is divided into several stages, preliminary groups can take 13 months of play. Then there are further stages and after approximately 6 years the winner is known. Quite long period, right? [...]

Great for a while, bad later and draw in the end – my latest game

Yesterday I played the first round of the tournament in our club. We will play one round per week, so this tournament will end up in the middle of December as we are a group of 14 players. It will not be an easy tournament for me as the opponents are quite strong and my [...]

Opening new season by Friday blitz tournament

If you follow me on Twitter you may remember I attented the first blitz tournament of new season on Friday. I have to admit it could be my first blitz tournament ever as I don’t remember if (and when) I have attended blitz tournament before. But I was looking forward to this tournament also because [...]

XIX La Pobla de Lillet – results

A few days ago (actually it was the second post on this blog) I reffered to the chess tournamtent in Spanish city La Pobla de Lillet. The tournament has passed and it is time to publish its winners and congratulate them. 7.5 of 9. This is the score which was needed to take (or better [...]

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