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My Training Schedule

After several months of no progress (and almost no training…) I decided to prepare a training schedule to do something with my chess. It is nice to play tournament games, but without a training no one can make progress, I think. The schedule is based on my ability to devote time to this training. I […]

How to Gain 200 Rating Points in 6 Months

As you probably noticed the blog was without posts for a few weeks (I do not count the weekend tactics “posts” ;)). At first I spent a few days in my bed feeling very bad and then I took a rest for some days. I spent them on my vacation (well deserved vacation, of course […]

Pawn ending – training of calculation – part III [VIDEO]

How to use improve your calculation skill by training pawn endings – part II

A week ago I posted an article about an importance of pawn endings in improvement of calculation skill of a chess player. And today I have something like continuation of the “serie” with new example. Would you find the right way to win the games as white? White to move.

How to use improve your calculation skill by training pawn endings

Pawn endings are very useful when it comes on the calculation of variants. As there are only pawns and kings on the board, one can easily “see” the long sentences of moves and possible continuations. This is why pawn endings are ussually recommended by chess trainers to train to improve one’s calculation skill. Here is […]

Importance of visualization for a chess player and how to train it

Those of you, who follow me on Twitter (@petrs), may remember I attended a training session with a GM a few weeks ago. It was very interesting, not only about chess itself but also about psychological and other aspects of the game. One of lessons was about importance of  visualization for a chess player. I […]

What chess books I am going to study in Q1/2010

In my previous post Chess goals for 2010 I mentioned the most important directions which I would like to go to improve my chess this year. To achieve an improvement it is necessary to study chess games and/or books. As probably many of you, I have quite good chess library, but I have not go […]

More on how to study and improve in chess by Purdy

A few days ago I wrote about two books I received from The Prodigal Pawn and I mentioned that a method od C. J. S. Purdy grabbed my attention. Simultaneously I promised to write about the method later. So what is the base of the method? All of know that playing games of chess masters […]

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